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SHARP Tool Webinar - Shared screen with speaker view
Marv Coleman
Thanks -- Maybe I need to submit questions & comments some other way, if non-STAG members aren't on-line?
Darlene Schanfald
Are you saying that you will rank according to levels of concern? This could be problematic because there are differences in what Ecology and other experts outside of Ecology would agree are levels of concern.
Darlene Schanfald
What I’m asking is “levels of concern” interpretation.
Darlene Schanfald
Will you email the webinar to the attendees?
Darlene Schanfald
I kept trying to speak. I’m not on the phone. I guess you could not hear me.
Frank Winslow
Would like to note that in addition to human health, environmental receptors also enter into the tool ranking